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It suddenly dawned on you that it was almost midterm exams and soon enough, finals is just around the corner along with the numerous deadlines any student would dread. Though you were academically inclined and studious, you knew then and there that the numerous deadlines would be the end of you, probably since other than the normal academic curriculum you were enrolled in, you also had others which needed attention to.

Out of desperation and when the teacher assigned an argumentative essay for you to do, you felt the sudden rush of academic “toxicity”, a state in which you feel hopeless and nervous, in general, you were having anxiety attack due to fear of not being able to submit on time and getting a decent, if not a perfect, score.

As you looked up possible options on how you will be able to submit the paper, you happen to come across your peer and after thorough contemplation, they recommended you to an essay service writing company, like essaybasics. Though you trust your peer, you do not trust the website since you never availed their services nor do you know if you should. So how exactly does one know if the service provided is legitimate or not?

There are certain requirements that must be met for an essay writing service company to prove its legitimacy, and these include:

  • Original content

This is the most important criteria of them all. Universities would usually want plagiarism free content since they tend to use your paper as reference guides and for scoring purposes as well. You may ask the company to provide you a sample essay and you can check the plagiarism contents in softwares such as Turnitin or websites such as edu.birdie.

Plagiarism can give you trouble, especially with the original writer of the essay you have which is why always avoid plagiarism as much as possible regardless of whether or not you avail their services or you write your own.

  • Allows payment after getting the output

This is another important aspect of an essay writing service. To know whether the essay writing service is a scam, they would usually ask for full payment first then never submit an output; however, it is alright if they ask for down payment but make sure you check their rates before they ask you to.

Quantify your finances at this point because some companies tend to ask for down payment which is too expensive, especially for students such as yourself.

  • Ask for third party opinions

It is not enough to get an opinion from one person only, even if that person is someone you know personally. It is advisable you always check reviews on their websites and even ask professional help from the ones who had availed their services before (not just the peer who told you about the website though).

Usually there are websites which dedicate themselves to reviewing online academic essay writing services company so you should also check them out if you really cannot find anyone who could give a third party opinion.

Before we part ways, let me also remind you that the company should have an available representative 24/7 since by being able to accomodate you during that span, it can also help in proving their legitimacy.

October 19, 2018

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