How to Write Essay about Leadership

How to Write Essay about Leadership

Unlike a persuasive, argumentative and compare and contrast essay, an essay about leadership focuses on a particular leader and often talks about the costs or prices of a specific company. Some helpful examples you may find at essay kitchen with samples. It has an entirely different format, and you have to pay attention to things like quality, accurate data, and proper references. Without these, you can never be assured of good marks and may lose your reputation before the teacher as well as your classmates. The following things need to bear in mind while writing an essay about leadership.

What is your aim, vision, purpose or goal?

Why do you want to write a leadership essay? What is your purpose, aim, vision or goal? If your teacher has asked you to write such an essay, then you should be clear about what you want to cover in it. Without a set purpose or goal, you may never be able to provide quality to the teacher. Plus, writing to the point is mandatory to avoid getting caught due to low quality. If the essay aims to highlight a company’s annual revenues, then you should make it clear in the first paragraph.

Define your approach

It is important to define your approach or write a clear thesis statement. Are you going to talk about a particular leader’s contributions to the business industry? Do you want to talk about the current trends? Without having a clear idea of your essay, you can never be able to define the approach. Make sure it is up to the mark, and if possible, you can mention some theories and examples to support your arguments within the Body section.

Identify your audience

Who is your target audience? If you are going to write an essay about leadership to please your teacher, then you can follow the instructions provided by him. Maybe, he has provided you with a grading rubric to take care of. You need to act as he has said; if you are going to write the essay for your website’s readers, then whom you are going to target. Are they male leaders or female leaders? What companies do they represent? You must be aware of all these things to be ensured of quality and flow. For example, if your essay is being written for medical students and needs to be published on the private blog, then you should cover topics related to medicines as well as write the same approaches used by health professionals.

Be clear with the theme

What is the most appropriate theme for your essay? There are different formats to write such an essay. Ideally, you can write it in the form of question-answer if you are going to talk about a person’s contributions to the business world. You need to pretend that you had recently interviewed that person and going to cover his answers in the essay. In that case, the introduction should talk about who is going to be interviewed and what is the purpose or core mission of interviewing this particular leader.

Last but not the least, you should be clear with how your essay will be judged. Obviously, people will check if it reads fluently, and see if the data provided is accurate and obtained from legitimate resources. Do not forget to insert in-text citations and a separate references page to let the reader know that you have taken ideas from good sources only.

October 18, 2018

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