How to pen a dissertation

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Neither is wrong, but it’s important to pick one and use it consistently throughout. Pro tip: If you’re getting decision fatigue from making all these tiny choices over consistency, just follow the rules of AP style used by most journalists. If you’re using figures of speech, make sure you’ve actually used them correctly. For example, people often mix up “once in a while” and “once and a while,” as well as “couldn’t care less” and “could care less.” Google any figures of speech before you send them off to make sure they’re A-OK.

We aim for results that are nothing short of perfection! That’s why each essay writter who wants to join our team have to meet specific requirements. First of all, we make sure they have a university degree.

Especially after you’ve edited and tweaked your work, it’s easy for it to start sounding disjointed or incoherent. So, once you’ve done one pass of proofreading, make sure it all flows together logically, with easy-to-follow transitions. Pro tip: Try reading your work slowly out loud to notice any issues with how your writing sounds.

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